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IMPACT Health Communications provides general counsel and a broad range of services to help promote public health and medical communications initiatives. These include:

Material Development & Dissemination

Materials are tailored to the intended audience and designed to meet a range of health literacy needs. The writing is always crisp, engaging and easy to comprehend. We excel in translating technical medical information into lay terms, and can also suggest formats to maximize patient education and enhance patient-provider communications.

  • Educational booklets and brochures
  • Online health content and resources (e.g., journalistic articles, blogs, interactive tool kits, quizzes, downloadable checklists, worksheets and self-assessments)
  • Print and electronic newsletters
  • Press materials (e.g., news releases, fact sheets, primers, broadcast scripts)
  • Op-Eds, letters to the editor
  • Social media messaging
  • Public service announcements
  • White papers
  • Manuscripts for publication
  • Annual reports

Health Education and Patient Advocacy Campaigns

Coalition Building and Community Outreach

  • Build strategic partnerships with patient advocacy groups and professional organizations, and engage community leaders to extend the reach and sustainability of your health education and advocacy efforts
  • Recruit and liaise with key opinion leaders health care and advisory boards to help assess and hone your health promotion campaign

PR/Marketing Counsel and Strategy

Qualitative and quantitative research
(e.g., field-testing, focus groups, pre- and post-program surveys) and literature reviews helps to:

  • Gain insight on health perceptions and behaviors
  • Inform the development of tailored communications and health programs
  • Refine or enhance ongoing health education efforts
  • Measure results against original objectives

Technical Assistance & Communications Training

  • Media and advocacy training for patient advocates and health care professionals
  • Market research and program evaluation
  • Health communications project management
  • Communication audits to review and enhance materials to meet a range of health literacy needs and maximize reach
  • Copyediting